Jim Shawler
Rural Building Services

     Based in South Suffolk (UK), I construct small rural buildings, for example stables, small barns, field shelters and fencing etc. Quotes given with no obligation, please call me on 07905 733 425 to discuss your requirements.
If you have a particular need for a certain type of structure, I specialize in building individual and unique buildings and I can accommodate you with a design tailored to your requirement.
I have designed and built many equestrian facilities, including stabling, field shelters, gateways and post and rail fencing. Also, I have constructed barns, outbuildings and domestic fencing.
I usually build in wood, which is sympathetic to the rural environment and I always try to source renewable materials from local sawmills. All wood used is pressure treated to ensure a long service life.


Examples of projects I have completed:

Wood clad office/studio

Floorplan - 6m by 3.6m
Concrete footings with three courses of bricks on which is built wooden studwork framing clad with weatherboarding. Walls insulated and lined. Plywood roof with felt covering. Inside floor of sprung varnished pine planking. Built winter 2004-2005

Open straw barn

Floorplan - 6m by 3.6m
Six upright posts with three trusses. Weatherboarded gable ends. Onduline roofing material. Built spring 2006

Stable block extension

Individual stable internal dimensions - 3m by 3m
An additional stable added to existing block of two stables. The original stables disassembled moved and reassembled on site autumn 2002. Later an additional stable was constructed to the right of the original two stables, spring 2004.


Riding school - 40m by 20m.
Woodchip surface with a crushed limestone base. Helped in the original construction and with subsequent resurficing

Paddock fence

Traditional post and rail equestrian fencing with half round rails and stakes with five bar wooden gate.

Domestic fence

Strongly built domestic fence. 100mm x 100mm posts with cantrails and vertical weatherboarding. Gravel board base to retain earth from higher garden next door.

Stable barn

Individual stable internal dimensions - 4m by 3.2m
Original pole barn with weatherboard cladding constructed 1988. Converted from straw barn to three stables spring 2006.

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